Shimadzu Turbo Molecular Pumps TMP-04 Series

Shimadzu TMP-04 SeriesMagnetically Levitated Turbo Molecular Pump

In spite of the simple and compact design, these models provide excellent pumping performance and high energy-saving performance. This series is a high pumping throughput type that can be used across a wide pressure range to continuously exhaust large quantities of gas stably.

Improved Pumping Performance
For vacuum process of ø300 mm wafers and large LCD grasses, pumping speed is significantly improved in the 1 to 5 Pa range in comparison to conventional models. These pumps can exhaust larger flowrate gas while maintaining the vacuum pressure.
Refer to brochure for chart details.

Network Connection Enabled
Equipped with RS-232C and RS-485-compatible serial communication ports, which enable operations to start/stop the TMP, monitor operational status, and read out the operational log. Thanks to the optional monitor software, up to 32 TMPs can be monitored using a single computer via RS-485 communications.

Thanks to the rotor coating and pump temperature control, the pump is fully protected from by-products generated by semiconductor and LCD etching process. (Please contact us regarding the detailed specifications.)

Compact and Highly Functional
All the pumps in the 03 series and 04 series can be supported by two types of power supplies. In addition, they can be operated without adjustment procedures even when the combination of pumps, power supplies, and cables (3 to 30 m in length) is changed.

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