Shimadzu Hybrid Bearing Turbo Molecular Pumps TMP-B70/TMP-B300

Shimadzu TMP-300Hybrid Bearing Turbo Molecular Pumps

Long life, high performance, excellent ease of operation

  • Optimization of the bearing section and the control mechanism leads to lower running cost.
  • TMP-B70 and TMP-B300 have higher hydrogen compression ratio.
  • Local operation available
  • Mounting direction free

Combination of magnetic and ceramic bearings
A proprietary damping mechanism is used to achieve low vibration and bearing cooling function, additionally provides high reliability and long service life.

High backing pressure and high compression ratio for hydrogen gas
The combination of turbine blades and molecular drag pump achieves ultra high vacuum even with high backing pressure levels. Compression ratio for hydrogen gas is:
TMP-B70: 4×105
TMP-B300: 1×105

If used in combination with a small dry vacuum pump, such as a diaphragm pump, it can achieve ultra-high vacuum pressures.

Integrated controller
An integrated controller makes it possible to start, stop, or reset the unit locally. The unit can also be operated by RS-485 and remote contact signals.
Computer communication software is also available. Input voltage is 24 V DC.

Low power consumption
This environmentally friendly series features a newly developed controller and a high-efficiency motor, which reduce power consumption.

Low heat-generation motor
Reducing heat generated from the motor helps prevent the bearing temperature from increasing and extends the service life.

Labyrinth seal prevents backflow (TMP-B300)
This seal helps ensure a clean vacuum by preventing the grease (base oil) used in the ceramic bearing from diffusing.

Mountable in any orientation
The pump unit can be mounted in vertical, horizontal, diagonal, or inverted orientation.

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