Shimadzu Turbo Molecular Pumps TMP-V04 Series

Shimadzu TMP-V04 SeriesMagnetically Levitated Turbo Molecular Pump
with Integrated Power Supply Unit

The power supply unit is integrated into the pump, so there is no need to install cables or use a control rack. This eliminates troublesome cable routing and reduces the installation space.

Improved Pumping Performance
Especially targeting sputter processes, the pumping speed is significantly improved in the 1 to 5 Pa range.
Refer to brochure for chart details.

Network Connection Enabled
Equipped with RS-232C and RS-485-compatible serial communication ports, which enable operations to start/stop the TMP, monitor operational status, and read out the operational log. Thanks to the optional monitor software, up to 32 TMPs can be monitored using a single computer via RS-485 communications. A Profibus communications option can also be selected.

Environmentally-Friendly, Low Power Consumption
Thanks to improved pumping performance and reduced internal loss, power consumption reductions of up to 25 % are achieved in comparison to conventional models. (TMP-V2304)

Allows Local Operation
Status checks and local operation can be performed using the operation panel It is especially effective during maintenance, since operational checks can
easily be made on-site.

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