Frequently Asked Questions

Choosing the right vacuum pump or cryogenic system can be complex, and along the way, you’ll probably have a few questions about our products, services, and capabilities. We’ve compiled a list of the most frequently asked questions to provide you with quick and comprehensive answers.

We want you to have all the information you need to make informed decisions about your vacuum system needs. And if you still have some queries that haven’t been answered below, don’t hesitate to reach out. SynSysCo is here to support you!

Your Questions Answered

Air Compressor Pumps

Q: What types of air compressor pumps do you offer?

A: SynSysCo provides a range of air compressor pumps, including industrial air compressors, piston compressors, and rotary screw air compressors.

Dry Vacuum Pumps

Q: Do you have dry vacuum pumps in your product lineup?

A: Yes, we specialize in supplying various dry vacuum pumps, catering to diverse applications across different industries.

Q: What’s the difference between a scroll compressor and a piston compressor?

A: Scroll compressors use two interleaved scrolls to compress air, while piston compressors utilize a piston inside a cylinder. Each has its own advantages and applications.

Cryogenic Pumps

Q: Can I get cryogenic pumps at SynSysCo?

A: Absolutely! We offer a variety of cryogenic equipment, including cryo pumps, cryocoolers, and specialized Sumitomo and Ulvac cryopumps.

Q: What is cryopumping and how is it beneficial?

A: Cryopumping is a technique where gases are captured and condensed using extremely cold surfaces. It’s efficient, clean, and suitable for ultra-high vacuum applications.

Q: Do you provide repair services for cryogenic pumps?

A: Yes, we offer cryogenic pump repair services to ensure your equipment remains in optimal condition.

Industrial Vacuum Systems

Q: What industrial vacuum systems do you offer?

A: SynSysCo supplies a range of industrial vacuum systems, including individual pumps and complete vacuum systems tailored for various industrial applications.

Q: Are your industrial vacuum pumps suitable for large-scale operations?

A: Yes, our industrial vacuum pumps are designed to meet the demands of both small and large-scale operations.

Q: I’ve heard of Anest Iwata; do you carry their products?

A: Absolutely! We’re a distributor for Anest Iwata manufactured dry scroll pumps and other products.

Q: Do you offer services for Leybold pumps?

A: Yes, we provide various services for Leybold products, including turbo pump repair, vacuum pump service, and more.

Q: Are Kashiyama dry screw pumps available at SynSysCo?

A: Indeed, we offer Kashiyama dry screw pumps as part of our product lineup.

Specialized Vacuum Pumps

Q: Do you have oil-free vacuum pumps?

A: Yes, we supply oil-free and oil-less vacuum pumps, ensuring clean operations and reduced maintenance.

Q: Is there a specialized vacuum pump suitable for laboratory use?

A: Certainly, we offer laboratory vacuum pumps tailored to meet the specific needs of research and scientific applications.

Scroll Pumps

Q: What’s the advantage of using a scroll pump?

A: Scroll pumps are efficient, offer low noise levels, and require less maintenance compared to traditional pumps.

Q: I have a Scrollvac SC 15. Can I get it repaired at SynSysCo?

A: Yes, we provide repair services for Scrollvac products, including the SC 15 model.

Vacuum Pump and Compressor Services

Q: My vacuum pump isn’t performing as it used to. Can SynSysCo help?

A: Absolutely. We specialize in vacuum pump repair and can restore your pump to its optimal performance.

Q: I have an older compressor model. Do you offer upgrades for legacy compressors?

A: Yes, we provide services to upgrade legacy compressors, ensuring they meet modern performance standards.

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