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Marathon Cryopumps

A Marathon® Keeps You Running Longer… and OMNI Compressors Run Marathon® Pumps!

Made in the USA: Marathon® cryopumps are manufactured by Sumitomo Heavy Industries in Allentown, Pennsylvania, USA.

Whisper™ Quiet Technology: Provides quiet, low vibration, pneumatic operation combined with world–class performance and reliability. Global OEMs choose Marathon® for MRI helium re-liquefaction and the most demanding coating, flat panel and R&D applications.

Hot Swap: In-situ displacer changes enable end-users to conduct helium-side maintenance in about 45 to 60 minutes without removing the pump and without breaking vacuum.

World-Class Performance: Industry-leading carrying capacities extend regen times. Very flat pumping speed curves between regens maintain chamber performance and pressures.

Versatile Application: Marathon® cryopumps are driven by OMNI® compressors and by Marathon® compressors. Pump models are available from 8 inches to 20 inches, with standard and auto-regen capabilities.  OMNI® helium compressors also drive CTI CryoTorr® and CTI OnBoard® cryopumps, Ulvac Cryo-U® Series cryopumps, and Trillium Cryo-Plex® cryopumps.

Global Support: Service, maintenance, parts and support are available through nine (9) locations globally.

Cryopump ModelCP-8CP-8LPCP-250LPCP-12CP-16CP-20
Argon Throughput(torr liters/second)
Argon Capacity(standard liters @ 1 x10-6 torr)1,2001,6001,6003,1005,5006,000
Hydrogen Capacity(standard liters @ 5 x10-6 torr)252330505033
Crossover Rating(torr-liters)220220300650500400
Cooldown Time(minutes)7511011090135190
Weightkg (lbs)16.8 (37)17.9 (39.5)20 (44)40.8 (90)49.9 (110)77.1 (170)


Cryopump ModelCP-8CP-8LPCP-250LPCP-12CP-16CP-20

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