CryoPump & Compressor Rebuilds

USA and North American Service and Support

SynSysCo rebuilds cryogenic pumps, cold-heads and compressors from the following manufacturers:

  • Austin Scientific/ Oxford / Trillium
  • CTI (Edwards/Brooks/Helix)

The equipment we rebuild most frequently for our customers is shown below, however, if you have a product that is not listed and you need it serviced, please call us at 866-DRY-PUMP (866-379-7867)

Austin Scientific/Oxford/TrilliumCryo PumpsCryoplex®, 8, 8LP, 10, 10LP, 16
Austin Scientific/Oxford/TrilliumCompressorsCryoplex®, M125, M250, M400, M600, M700
Brooks/CTICryo PumpsCTI CryoTorr®: CT-4, CT-4F, CT-8, CT-8F, CT-10, CT-10F, CT-250, CT-250F, CT-400, CT-500, 20-HP
Brooks/CTICryo PumpsCTI OnBoard®: OB 4, OB 4F, OB 8, OB 8F, OB 8FE, OB 10, OB 10F, OB 250, OB 250F, OB 400, OB 400F, OB500
Brooks/CTICompressorsSCW, SCA, 1020, 8200, 8300, 8500, 8510, 9600, 9700
Sumitomo: USACryopumpsAll Marathon models*
SynSysCoCompressorsOMNI® 100,800,900,1000: OMNI Helium Compressors drive all the above brands of cryopumps

* As the US distributor for Sumitomo USA, these products are rebuilt at our facility in Colorado and also at the Sumitomo factory in Pennsylvania.

For pricing and answers to your questions, please call our Service Department at 866-DRY-PUMP (866-379-7867)