Marathon CP-20 Cryopump

Marathon CP-20 cryopump

Marathon® CP Series Cryopumps are specifically designed to meet the needs of high vacuum processes. Applications range from custom laboratory equipment to industrial-scale tools.  Makers of semiconductor devices, flat panel displays, test equipment, solar manufacturing and coating and thermal vacuum systems require efficient, robust and reliable systems with a low cost of ownership.  The Marathon® CP Series of Cryopumps delivers on these needs.

Available Configurations

  • All Industry-Standard Flanges
  • Standard Manual Operation
  • Optional Fully-Automated Operation with Marathon® Cryopump Controller
  • Displex® and Whisper® Technology

Standard Scope of Supply

  • CP-20 Cryopump
  • F-70L/H Compressor
  • 3 m (10 ft.) Flexible Gas Lines
  • 3 m (10 ft.) Cold Head Cable
  • Tool Kit
Cryopump ModelCP-20
Argon Throughput(torr liters/second)11.3
Argon Capacity(standard liters @ 1 x10-6 torr)6,000
Hydrogen Capacity(standard liters @ 5 x10-6 torr)33
Crossover Rating(torr-liters)400
Cooldown Time(minutes)190
Weightkg (lbs)77.1 (170)


Cryopump ModelCP-20

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