Anest Iwata Scroll Meister ISP and DVSL Pumps

SynSysCo maintains all of these pumpsIndustrial Dry Vacuum Pump

This first generation of Anest Iwata Dry Scroll Pumps were called “A” series pumps. SynSysCo maintains all of these pumps. The “A” series pumps were sold as Edwards ESDP-12, ESDP-30, Varian DS300 and DS600, and Anest Iwata ISP-250A and ISP-500A models. These pumps are now legacy pumps and have been superseded by “B” and “C” series pumps.

Repair of ISP “A” Series, Edwards, and Varian Legacy Scroll Pumps

  • “A” series pumps can be rebuilt using crankshafts, pin-cranks, seals and bearings.
  • The major scroll module parts (FS1, FS2 and OS) are slightly different than the “B” and “C” series pumps and are not interchangeable with the “B” and “C” series.
  •  If a major scroll is damaged on an “A” series pump module, the module is NOT repairable.
  • However, a latest generation “C” module can be purchased and it will bolt directly onto the “A” series motor.

“B” Series ISP Pumps and DVSL Series Pumps

  • The Anest Iwata ISP250B and ISP-500B have several mechanical improvements and the scroll spiral is slightly different than the “A” series.
    • The “B” series introduced the air flush circuit to assist in the removal of water from the scroll when they are in higher moisture applications.
    • The “B” series also has an improved  exhaust check valve assembly.
    • For the ISP Series, the “B” and “C” series FS1, FS2, and OS components are interchangeable. So the older “B” series is able to be fully supported with “C” parts.
  • The Edwards GVSP-30 is the Anest Iwata ISP-500B private labeled for Edwards.
  • The Anest Iwata DVSL-100B and DVSL500B and DVSL501B have air flush circuits but the scroll components are now legacy products and are NOT able to be supported with DVSL “C” series parts.

“C” Series Pumps and the private labeling of pumps for Leybold and Ulvac

  • The latest generation of ISP pumps is the “C” series, which integrates the flush circuit into the scroll casting, thus eliminating a possible leak path associated with the “B” series air flush circuit.
  • Scroll module parts FS1, FS2 and OS are interchangeable between the ” B” Series and “C” series, so “B” series pumps can have their FS1, FS2 and OS components replaced using “C” series parts.  (Note: This is only applicable for ISP-500 pumps; doesn’t work on ISP-250 pumps.)
  • Anest Iwata “C” series models consist of the “Scroll Meister” models ISP-1000C, ISP-500C, ISP-250C, and ISP-90C.
  • Leybold has these pumps manufactured for them by Anest Iwata and then labeled as the Leybold SC60D, SC30D, SC15D, SC5D.
  • Ulvac has these pumps manufactured for them by Anest Iwata and then labeled as the Ulvac DISL-502, DIS-251, and DIS-90.
Anest IwataEdwardsVarianLeyboldUlvac
ISP-1000SC 60D
DS-600SC 30DDIS-501
ISP-250CESDP-12DS-300SC 15DDIS-251

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