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Anest Iwata DVSL-501

SynSysCo is a global distributor for Anest Iwata Dry Scroll Vacuum pumps which includes the Anest Iwata DVSL-501 pump.

The DVSL-501 Pump is designed for High Vapor Loading conditions (250 grams / day) because their bearings are completely Isolated from the vacuum stream.

There is no risk of back migration of bearing lubricant into the vacuum area.

Typical Application for the DVSL-501 include:

  • Vacuum Drying
Technical DataUnitsAnest Iwata DVSL-501
Displacement (50Hz)CFM (LPM)15.2 / 430
Displacement (60Hz)CFM (LPM)18.4 / 520
Operating Temperature Rangeo - C0 - 40
Ultimate PressuremTorr )Pa)75 (10)
Motor Power RatingkW/HP1.1 / 0.8
Voltage-(3-phase) 200/460
Noise Level (w air flush)dB A65 (68)
Weightlbs. (kq)89 / 40
Dimensions (LxWxH)inches
Inlet ConnectionNW25
Outlet Connection 1625
Water Handlingg/day100+
Air Flush Flow Ratel/min1.02 l/min

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