Shimadzu Turbo Molecular Pumps TMP-X05 Series

Shimadzu TMP-X05 SeriesMagnetically Levitated Turbo Molecular Pump
with Integrated Power Supply Unit

As a second-generation type of integrated power supply, these pumps are compact but provide excellent pumping performance and high energy-saving performance

Improved Pumping Performance
High pumping efficiency is realized by applying rarefied gas flow analysis and structure analysis technology. Even further pumping performance improvements have been achieved.
Refer to brochure for chart details.

Network Connection Enabled
Equipped with RS-232C and RS-485-compatible serial communication ports, which enable operations to start/stop the TMP, monitor operational status, and read out the operational log. Thanks to the optional monitor software, up to 32 TMPs can be monitored using a single computer via RS-485 communications. A Profibus communications option can also be selected.

Environmentally-Friendly, Low Power Consumption
Thanks to improved pumping performance and reduced internal loss, power consumption reductions of up to 15 % are achieved in comparison to conventional
Shimadzu models. (TMP-X3405)

Allows Local Operation
Status checks and local operation can be performed using the operation panel built into the pump. It is especially effective during maintenance, since operational checks can easily be made on-site.

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