Cryopump Flexible & Superflex Gas Lines

Cryopump Flexible & Superflex Gas LinesAll SHI systems come equipped with flexible helium gas lines.

  • Standard lengths range from 3 meters (10 feet) to 20 meters (66 feet), depending on the system.
  • SICERA® Cryopumps come equipped with flexible helium gas lines in 25 meter (82 feet) lengths.
  • Gas lines terminate in coupling halves for quick connect and disconnect to and from the cold head and compressor.
  • They are available with one end at 90°.
  • All gas lines are pre-charged with clean helium gas.
  • Optional Superflex lines offer superior flexibility and smaller bend radius without thinning the wall of the hose
    • They offer a higher flexing cycle life than standard lines.
    • Superflex lines also dampen vibration and noise of the helium gas traveling through the lines.

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