OMNI® Helium Compressors Are The Solution to Legacy Edwards CTI-Cryogenics Compressors

From R&D to End Users, to OEM Manufacturers, there’s been concern about the diminishing product line and availability of popular Edwards CTI-Cryogenics compressors like the SC-Air, SC-Water and 8200 series. What’s a cryopump to do without its support from Edwards compressors?

SynSysCo understands this predicament and the good news is that the innovative, rugged line of OMNI® Helium Compressors are more than capable of filling the gap left by legacy Edwards compressors.

OMNI® Helium Compressors

Our OMNI line of compressors – designed and manufactured in the USA by SynSysCo – are capable of driving multiple cryogenic pumps fabricated by different manufacturers – at the same time and on the same tool. OMNI compressors have the helium supply components, communication components and electrical componentry to simultaneously operate several cryogenic pumps by different manufacturers, depending on the size of the pumps — either as a single grouping by manufacturer, or by combining cryogenic pumps of multiple manufacturers for use on the same application.

Furthermore, using OMNI Helium compressors as replacements for legacy, retired or End of Life Edwards CTI-Cryogenics compressors allows you to enjoy the improved efficiencies and technologies we’ve built into the OMNI line. You can now replace your low-functioning compressors and pumps with better models and trust that your system will operate with high efficiency and productivity thanks to OMNI design improvements. Learn more features and benefits of OMNI compressors. Watch an informative video on the OMNI series and its history.

The below chart shows which OMNI compressor will replace which Edwards CTI compressor.

OMNI® Helium Compressors

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