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Introducing the Anest Iwata VFD Driven ISP-500C Dry Scroll Pump

SynSysCo is pleased to announce the release of the Anest Iwata ISP-500C VFD (Variable Frequency Drive) dry scroll pump.

The ISP-500C VFD provides two-speed/variable-speed operation, a 3-year maintenance interval, and a 15-month warranty.

Anest Iwata VFD Driven ISP-500COperating Benefits and Features

The new ISP-500C VFD offers the following advantages over earlier ISP-500C versions:

  • Fast tack time from atmospheric pressure down to the crossover pressure of a turbo or diffusion pump.
  • Energy-saving idle speed mode for backing high vacuum pumps.
  • Lower stress and wear on the pump due to operation at much lower rotational speeds while backing high vacuum pumps.
  • At 100% duty cycle, average service interval is now extended to three years. The cost savings and downtime over the life of the pump versus a non-VFD pump in an identical application will be considerable!
  • Acoustic noise at low speed is reduced vs. single speed ISP-500C pumps.
  • The VFD controller provides for either manual or remote operation.
  • The VFD controller provides power for an optional inlet isolation valve with time delay re-open of the valve.
  • The integrated temperature monitor informs the operator when recommended operating temperatures have been exceeded by enabling a visual alarm when allowable temperatures are exceeded.
  • This feature protects the pump against excessive tip seal wear and enables the scheduled shut down of the pump while not interrupting vacuum processing.

Please feel free to call us at 866-DRY-PUMP and discuss any aspect of this offer — or simply let us know your thoughts.  We will be glad to answer your questions and help you make an informed decision.