OMNI® Helium Compressors

Welcome to SynSysCo’s product studio. In this video, we’re going to talk about OMNI helium compressors and their unique features that make them suitable for various cryogenic applications, such as:

  • Replacement of competing legacy helium compressors
  • Upgrading the performance of replacement cryogenic pumps
  • New OEM Tool applications in:
    • Semiconductor Manufacturing
    • Optical Coating
    • Thin Films
    • R&D

We will detail the following:

  1. What makes an Omni compressor unique?
  2. How can that uniqueness be used to update the competitors’ legacy installed base?
  3. How you can incrementally upgrade your systems using an OMNI Helium Compressor®.

OMNI compressors are high-pressure, helium compressors designed specifically for cryogenic application. These air-cooled and water-cooled compressors are ideal for Semiconductor Manufacturing, Thin Film Applications, R&D, Space Simulation Chambers and industrial applications. They come in different models to suit different cryopump sizes and combinations.


One of the unique capabilities of OMNI compressors is their ability to drive multiple pumps made by different manufacturers, on the same tool at the same time. This feature allows you to update the compressor’s legacy installed base easily. To install an OMNI compressor, select the most appropriate model to replace your existing compressor, disconnect your old compressor, and install the OMNI. It is a fit-form and-function replacement.

Once you’ve installed the OMNI compressor, you can upgrade your system’s cryopumps to higher-performance models. OMNI compressors can drive cryopumps made by different manufacturers and can support a mix of pumps based on your process and application.

Now, let’s talk about the individual models that make up the Omni Helium Compressor line:

  • The Omni 100: air-cooled and water-cooled versions requires 25 amps, single-phase 208 to 230 VAC, comes in 50 Hz or 60Hz configuration and will drive one 8-inch pump or 1 250mm Pump.
  • The Omni 800: air cooled and water-cooled versions require 25 amps, three phase 208 to 230 VAC, and can drive two eight-inch pumps or one 10-inch pump.
  • The Omni 900: air cooled and water-cooled versions require 30-amps, 208 to 230 VAC and come in a 50/60 Hz configuration, and can drive three eight-inch pumps or one 10-inch, 12 inch, 16 inch or 20 inch pump.
  • The Omni 1000: is only available as a water-cooled version and requires 30-amps, 208 to 230 VAC and comes in a 50/60 Hz configuration, and can drive three eight-inch pumps, with special configurations for 4 eight-inch pumps, and will drive two 10-inch, two 12 inch, one or two 16 inch, or one 20 inch pump.
  • The configurations and mix of any pump are based on your process, radiant heat loads, and the specifics of your application.

Whether in the semiconductor, thin fill application, research institution, or particle accelerator industry, OMNI compressors can help you optimize your process. With their ability to drive multiple pumps and compatibility with different manufacturers, OMNI helium gas compressors offer flexibility and reliability to your compressor systems.

If you’re interested in OMNI compressors, please contact us. As a global provider, we can help you determine the best model to suit your specific application and process needs.