Our Commitment to Our Customers

SynSysCo is an Authorized Rebuilder for the new products it sells.

The following products are repaired at our Montrose, Colorado facility:

Authorized OEM Rebuilder

  • Anest Iwata Scroll Pumps: 15-month warranty on all versions
    • Private Labeled OEM Versions of the Anest Iwata Scroll pumps:
      • Leybold SC Series
      • Ulvac DIS and DISL Series
      • Edwards ESDP Series and GVSP Series
      • Varian DS Series
  • Anest Iwata Analytical Packages: 15-month warranty
  • Kashiyama NeoDry Multilobe pumps: 15-month warranty
  • SDS Industrial Dry Screw Pumps: 15-month warranty
  • Sumitomo Marathon Cryopumps and Compressors
  • Kashiyama MU, SDL and SDE Dry Screw Pumps and Blower packages are supported under agreement with Kashiyama’s facility in Fremont, CA.
  • Scroll Labs Miniature Scroll Pumps are supported under agreement with Scroll Labs’ facility in Chicago, IL

Specialized Rebuilder

  • CTI CryoTorr™ and OnBoard® Cryopumps and associated compressors

Rebuilding Authorized Products

  • Parts are inspected against Authorized OEM factory tolerances and replaced as needed.
  • The latest component and software upgrades are made, and products are reassembled using OEM parts, OEM production methods and OEM tooling.
  • Final acceptance testing is performed using OEM factory approved processes and calibrated NIST traceable vacuum measurement equipment.
  • All of our products are fully warranted for parts and workmanship.

Rebuilding Specialized Products

Please contact us for a detailed review of our specific rebuild scope of work for your products.

  • SynSysCo’s approach to product repair and overhaul is to achieve the original performance specification of the product.
  • Parts are inspected against OEM performance requirements and replaced as needed.
  • Products are reassembled using best known practices and proprietary methods.
  • Final acceptance testing is performed against OEM standards using calibrated NIST traceable vacuum measurement equipment.
  • Rebuilds are warranted for parts and workmanship for 12 to 24 months based on scope of rebuild agreement with our customer.

Please contact us if you have any questions.