Dry Air Compressors for Science and Industry

Anest Iwata SLT

Oil-Less Reciprocating OFT Series

Durability & Oil-Less

  • The OFT Series has no oil and therefore requires no oil maintenance. Our unique composite piston, made from thermosetting resin, creates a very durable compressor.
  • Two-way fan cooling system eliminates excessive heat
  • Two-stage compression on 7.5-15HP
  • Large capacity filter
  • TEFC motor and belt guard standard on all models.

Oil-Free Scroll Air Compressors SLB / SLT / SLTE / SLP

Noise Level Comparison | Scroll Compressor | SynSysCo

Completely Oil-Less

  • Our line of scroll compressors do not contain any oil.
  • No oil maintenance, oily-waste discharge or disposal costs.

Quiet & Reliable

  • Noise levels between 50dB – 72dB
  • Very low torque fluctuation
  • Maintenance until 10,000 running hours


  • Three different styles:  Open-tank mount, enclosed-tank mount and base-mount style
  • Membrane dryer, various size filters, auto drain and different size tanks also available


  • TEFC motor and belt guard standard
  • Integrated after-cooler to reduce temperature

SLP-300Oil-Less Scroll Tankmount Oil-Less Scroll Enclosure / SLP Series

Completely Oil-Less

  • SLP Series does not have any oil or water for lubrication
  • No oil maintenance or oily waster discharge from receiver tank


  • Backup function:  If one pump has a failure, the other pumps will back it up to prevent any air loss
  • Flexibility for various sizes ranging from 10HP-40HP
  • Multiples of 5HP pump i.e. the 20HP unit (4 x 5HP pumps)

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