Marathon Helium Compressors

All Sumitomo Cryogenics Marathon® cryopumps are driven by highly efficient and reliable Marathon® helium compressors.

All Marathon® cryopumps are manufactured by Sumitomo Heavy Industries in Allentown, Pennsylvania, USA.

Marathon helium compressors boast industry-leading 30,000+ hour adsorber change-out intervals, and are available in single-phase, three-phase, low and high voltage, and water and air-cooled options.

Single-phase & Three-phase

Marathon single-phase compressors are affordable, compact, lightweight, and ideal for light to medium usage. Marathon three-phase compressors heavy-duty compressors have consistent stable electrical power output to the cryopump motors and are energy-efficient, making them long lasting and ideal for the most demanding applications.

Water & Air Cooled

Marathon Indoor air-cooled compressors use ambient air between 40F-100F to maintain system performance, while the unique split system Outdoor Units operate between -22F -112F. Marathon Indoor water-cooled compressors use facility chilled water to maintain system performance.

Marathon Helium Compressors from SynSysCo:

The Zephyr, HC-4E1, HC-8E4 and F-70 Compressors are designed for use with the Marathon CP line.


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