Anest Iwata ISP-500-VFD

The ISP-500-VFD pump is cool, quiet, and highly efficient due to its unique patented balanced design.

The Benefits of Oil-Free Pumping are many and the Anest Iwata ISP-500 pump may be the immediate solution to oil contamination and disposal issues presented by your existing oil lubricated pumps.

Typical applications for the ISP-500-VFD include:

  • Beam Line
  • Load Locks
  • Sputtering Systems
  • Helium Leak Detectors
Technical DataUnitsAnest Iwata ISP-500C
Anest Iwata ISP-500C
Normal OperationPumping Speed
600 L/min (21.2 CFM)600 L/min (21.2 CFM)
Ultimate Pressure0.7 Pa (5.3x10-3 Torr)0.7 Pa (5.3x10-3 Torr)
Low-Speed OperationPumping Speed
300 L/min (10.6 CFM)300 L/min (10.6 CFM)
Ultimate Pressure3.0 Pa (2.3x10-2 Torr)3.0 Pa (2.3x10-2 Torr)
ControlRemote / Manual controlRemote / Manual control
Remote InterfaceRS-485 /Input contact via D-sub 9-pinRS-485 /Input contact via D-sub 9-pin
Leak Tightness1.0x10-5 Pa • m3/s1.0x10-5 Pa • m3/s
Voltage Input1-phase100-115V200-230V
Noise Level 1m
with air-flush on
60 db (A)
68 db (A)
60 db (A)
68 db (A)
Internal Flange Vibration1.5 mm/s60 db (A)
68 db (A)
Inlet FlangeNW40NW40
Outlet FlangeNW25NW25
Dimensions (LxWxH)Inlet Vertical
476 x 288 x 420 mm
(18.8 x 11.3 x 16.6 in)
476 x 288 x 420 mm
(18.8 x 11.3 x 16.6 in)
Inlet Horizontal476 x 328 x 394 mm
(18.8 x 12.9 x 15.5 in)
476 x 328 x 394 mm
(18.8 x 12.9 x 15.5 in)
Weight44kg (97 lb)44kg (97 lb)

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Anest Iwata ISP-500C VFD

Product Features

  • Remote and local control
  • 2-speed operation
    Note:  In Modbus operation mode, any frequency between 30-60Hz can be selected.
  • 3-year service renewal
    Note:  At low speed 30 Hz operation mode
  • Excellent ultimate pressure