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Anest Iwata, Edwards, Leybold, Ulvac, Varian Scroll Pumps

Manufactured by Anest Iwata

Anest Iwata Edwards Varian Leybold Ulvac
ISP-1000 SC 60 D
ISP-500C GVSP-30
DS-600 SC 30 D DIS-501
ISP-250C ESDP-12 DS-300 SC 15 D DIS-251
ISP-90 SC 5 D DIS-90
DVSL-100C DISL-101
DVSL-500C DISL-502

SynSysCo offers premier service and support for all dry scroll pumps manufactured by Anest Iwata.

Who Benefits?

  • End-users with a large installed base of scroll pumps
  • OEM’s using dry scroll pumps or servicing them for their equipment customers

Features and Benefits

  • Globally competitive purchase and repair pricing
  • 15-month warranty on repairs
  • 21-day guaranteed door-to-door turn-around on repairs
  • Up to a 20% discount off your existing pricing on high-volume pump repair and pump purchases
  • Call-It-Done is your “one-call” repair service scheduling and pump pick-up
  • Free custom shipping packaging
  • Buy-back program for your spare pumps

Custom Solutions
We simplify the service and support of Anest Iwata Manufactured Scroll Pumps

We stock your spares
We buy back your non-operative spares, repair them, and put them on the shelf as spares for your needs.

We arrange your shipping
Use our Call-It-Done one-call service and we will schedule the pickup of your Anest Iwata pumps, or the shipment of a spare.

We provide custom packaging
Specialty packaging will be sent, free of charge, to receive your AI manufactured pumps and insure their safe delivery to and from our facility.

We warrant repairs for 15 months
SynSysCo supplies the BEST warranty in the industry. Our technicians are factory-trained and we use 100% OEM parts in our repairs.

We discount against existing pricing
We will match or reduce your existing pricing up to a 20% discount on high-volume purchases.

We guarantee 21-day turn-around
Your repaired product will be returned quickly or you get 20% off your next repair.

Synsysco dry scroll pumps